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Full, sexy lips are a defining feature of the face. And when you don’t like the look of your lips (whether due to age or other factors), it can detract from your self-esteem and confidence. Lip plumping serums and fillers can only do so much, so when you’re ready for a significant, permanent improvement, a lip lift may be just what you need.

Toronto lip lift expert Dr. Mike Roskies spent his entire career helping people discover their most beautiful selves through facial plastic surgery procedures like lip lifts in Toronto. Unlike most plastic surgeons, Dr. Roskies focused his practice solely on facial plastic surgery and rejuvenation, including lip lifts.

What is a Lip Lift?

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People have a variety of reasons for being dissatisfied with the look of their lips. For some, they were born with thin lips or downturned mouths they don’t like. For others, time and age have turned their smile from one they used to love into a poor reflection of who they truly are. In any case, a lip lift can help.

Lip lifts work by removing tissue from just below the nose to increase the display of the lip’s vermillion coloring, reshape the “Cupid’s bow” shape of the upper lip, or correct any type of malformation. There are a variety of techniques to achieve these goals, but Dr. Roskies focuses on two: the modified upper lip lift and the corner lip lift.

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Modified Upper Lip Lift

This technique (also called a “bull-horn lift”) removes tissue from the space just above your upper lip. Compared to conventional lip lifts, the modified version is akin to a deep plane facelift that addresses the deeper layer of the lip. Tightening this muscle instead of skin allows for a scar under less tension and better long-term healing. This allows for the vermillion to become more prominent and even across the central aspect of the lip under the nose. 

Corner Lip Lift

This technique is ideal for people whose lips tend to curve downward at the corners. It is often combined with the modified lip lift when more lateral lift is required. Small, triangular segments of excess skin are removed from both corners of the mouth. When the incisions are closed, the lips are reshaped to curve upward, recreating the appearance of youthful lines.

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Lip Lift vs. Lip Implants vs. Lip Fillers

—Mike Roskies, MD, MSc, FRCSC

Lip lifts, lip implants, and lip fillers all have their strengths and weaknesses. Lifts and implants are always surgical procedures, while lip fillers are non-surgical and minimally invasive.

Lip Lift

The lips and surrounding tissue are surgically altered to enhance their shape, position, and fullness with permanent results.

Lip Implants

A plastic implant is surgically inserted into the lip or lips to augment their fullness and texture. Results are permanent.


This non-surgical technique uses compounds like hyaluronic acid to physically plump the lips with little ability to reshape any suboptimal features. Results typically last a few months to a year, and this is usually the least expensive option.

How do I know if a Lip Lift is right for me?

Mike Roskies, MD, MSc, FRCSC

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During your consultation for a lip lift Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mike Roskies will get to know your story and your goals for the procedure. He will also examine your current condition and discuss your medical history.

Together, we will determine if a lip lift is the right course of action for you, and we will collaboratively design your personalized lip lift treatment plan. Good candidates for lip lifts are in good overall health and don’t have any medical conditions that could impair your ability to heal. They also don’t have any mouth-related infections like herpes and are not smokers.

Lip Lift Recovery

A lip lift is a relatively minor outpatient procedure and can typically be finished in less than an hour. Most patients still opt for full sedation, but a local anesthetic may be appropriate in some situations. Dr. Roskies typically recommends patients schedule at least one week away from work and regular activities after their surgery.

As you begin to heal, you can expect to feel swelling and tightness in your mouth. This should dissipate within a few weeks, but it may take a few months for all of the swelling to go away completely. You may also notice redness or bruising in the area around your mouth, but this is a normal part of the healing process. Dr. Roskies will provide you with any prescriptions needed for pain relief and antiviral/antibiotic medications, as well as instructions for their use. He will also give you advice on how to properly care for the incisions to reduce the appearance of any scars and speed healing.

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Lip Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Lip lifts are a surgical procedure, even though they are considered minor. While Dr. Roskies and his team do everything they can to reduce the risk of complications, they can still occur. Some of the potential side effects are:

  • Reactions to anesthetic
  • Infection
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Scarring
  • Smile deformation
  • Speech impediment

Dr. Roskies will discuss these and other possible effects of surgery before you consent. He will answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have. His goal is for you to feel educated and comfortable with the procedure every step of the way.

Sometimes, only a local anesthetic is necessary. However, general anesthesia or full sedation is the most common choice for my patients. Either way, you will feel no pain during the procedure. Recovery can be uncomfortable for the first week or two, but Dr. Roskies will prescribe any pain medication necessary to relieve any discomfort you may experience.

If you choose to be put under sedation, you should arrange for a friend or family member to be available to take you home. You may need assistance for the first 24 hours, so it’s also helpful if they’re present to help you as you begin the healing process.

The cost of a lip lift will vary. It can depend on the technique you choose, the extent of the procedure, and the expertise of the surgeon.

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