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Sciton HALO in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Get the HALO Glow!

Sciton HALO with Dr. Roskies in Toronto, Ontario, boasts phenomenal results with minimal downtime. Winner of NewBeauty Magazine’s Beauty Choice Awards for three years in a row, including “best anti-aging laser treatment," “best-in-office treatment," and “the most effective laser for glowy skin," the HALO laser system makes it possible to attain vibrant, youthful, baby-soft skin at any age. Source Source

Sciton HALO with Dr. Mike Roskies

Makeup artists rely on concealer and shimmery highlighters to give faces an angelic glow. Photographers use special lighting to make the skin appear smooth and luminous. As a Toronto facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Mike Roskies relies on Sciton HALO skin resurfacing, to give the skin a youthful, red-carpet glow without clever makeup, lighting tricks, and downtime.

What is Sciton HALO?

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HALO is a laser skin resurfacing technology first introduced by Sciton in 2013. This revolutionary non-invasive device broke ground as the first and only hybrid fractional laser in the world. This two-in-one treatment combines non-ablative 1470 nm and ablative 2940 nm wavelengths. Together, they vaporize the skin surface and stimulate collagen in deeper layers to smooth fine lines, shrink pores, and erase years of sun damage. Think of it like turning back the clock on aging skin in one or two convenient in-office treatments.

Benefits of Sciton HALO Laser Skin Resurfacing

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More effective than facials and less risky than chemical peels, Sciton HALO breathes new life into tired, aged skin with little to no recovery period. With Sciton HALO in Toronto, patients achieve a radiant, refined complexion that looks camera-ready even when bare-faced. Whether you want to revive a dull complexion, diminish wrinkles, brighten dark spots, or minimize large pores, HALO does it all. Precisely engineered to maximize efficiency and results, most Toronto Sciton HALO laser skin resurfacing patients see remarkable improvements in one to two sessions, whereas older lasers require up to six treatments to accomplish comparable results. HALO treatments are fast, comfortable, and suitable for nearly all skin types. The glow achieved after a single session defies what a clinical facial can do and lasts longer, allowing patients to put their best face forward in fewer office visits. Source

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Top Reasons to Consider Sciton HALO Laser Skin Resurfacing

  • Little-to-no downtime
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No serious risks or side effects
  • Results can last 12 to 18 months
  • Improves textural issues, vascular lesions, and pigmentation
  • Brightens skin for a megawatt glow in one to two treatments
  • Ideal for busy clients that can’t afford to take time off from work
  • Great before parties, special occasions, vacations, or anytime your skin needs a boost to look its best

Sciton HALO Candidates

Sciton HALO works on all skin types, including darker complexions and sensitive skin. Anyone with sun damage, dullness, fine lines, vascular lesions, enlarged pores, scars, or other pigmentation or textural issues may be a candidate so long as they are not pregnant or breastfeeding, are healthy, and do not have broken skin, open sores, or an active infection at the treatment site. Body areas treated include the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, and legs. Source

Consultation and Preparation

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During your consultation for skin resurfacing with Sciton HALO Toronto facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Roskies, will listen attentively to understand your skin concerns and goals. If you are a candidate for Sciton HALO, they will let you know what to expect before, during, and after your procedure. Please avoid tanning, sunless tanners, exfoliants, waxing, shaving, and active ingredients such as retinoids and acids for up to four weeks before your first session.

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Sciton HALO Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

Sciton has single-handedly debunked the old saying, “Pain is beauty.” With Sciton HALO, revitalizing skin is a fast, efficient, and comfortable process. After donning protective eyewear and applying numbing cream, Dr. Mike Roskies or a member of his personally trained staff will pass the HALO handpiece over your skin. You will feel warmth as the laser goes to work brightening discolorations and unveiling a smoother, ageless complexion.

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Sciton HALO Laser Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

There is virtually no downtime after Sciton HALO skin resurfacing treatments. You can return to your regular activities within 24 hours. Most patients find any minor redness, swelling, and sensitivity resolve quickly. After your treatment, wear sunblock, skip exfoliants, and avoid skincare activities such as retinol, glycolic acid, and BHAs for up to two weeks. Source

While a single session dials up the skin’s glow factor, Dr. Roskies may suggest two treatments for optimal results. You can repeat Sciton HALO once or twice annually to keep your skin looking its best. To lock in your healthy glow for the long haul, avoid prolonged sun exposure, stay hydrated, and invest in a home skincare regimen.

Why Dr. Mike Roskies?

Double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Michael Roskies founded Yorkville Plastic Surgery Center on one premise. He believes everyone deserves to feel great about their skin, regardless of age. After careful consideration, Dr. Roskies has personally selected the Sciton laser platform for his practice owing to its track record of safety and effectiveness. He has invested considerable time and energy perfecting his laser resurfacing techniques and has a deep understanding of the device settings, allowing him to customize his HALO treatments to his patients’ unique beauty concerns.

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Sciton HALO Frequently Asked Questions

Once the numbing cream takes effect, you should not feel any pain or discomfort. Source

No serious risks have been reported. HALO features smart technology that automatically adjusts the power of the laser pulse based on your skin temperature, making it one of the safest skin resurfacing lasers on the market. Source

From facials to facelifts, no esthetic treatment is considered permanent. Sciton HALO is no exception. The results can last up to a year. Most patients come in for a maintenance treatment every six to 12 months. Source

Sciton HALO does not discriminate. It works beautifully on nearly all skin types and tones, including Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI. Source

HALO works well as a standalone procedure but can also accompany Sciton BBL HERO for more dramatic results. Source

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