How to determine what face procedure you may be a candidate for?

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Facial Fat GraftingToronto, Ontario

Fat grafting and Stem Cells

Imagine reducing or eliminating your wrinkles using only the materials that are already in your body. That is the secret of treatments with fat grafting and stem cells—younger, healthier skin and no foreign chemicals or compounds.

Toronto fat grafting expert Dr. Mike Roskies has been performing facial rejuvenation procedures of all kinds for decades. While other cosmetic surgeons spread their experience to address conditions anywhere on the body, Dr. Roskies is different: he focuses only on your face. His expertise and outstanding care have made him a leader in the cosmetic care field, especially in Toronto. When you need a surgeon you can trust to provide you with the attentive, personalized care you deserve, Dr. Roskies is here.

What is Fat Grafting?

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Dr. Roskies is considered an expert in advanced fat grafting with stem cells and has a Masters degree to prove it*. Lipofilling was popularized in the 1990s as harvesting of fat with liposuction and processing of it before injection became standardized. This led to more predictable and long-term results. Since the early 2000s, researchers have recognized the importance of stem cells within fat. This has allowed us to shift from purely contouring and restoring volume using microfat to harnessing the potential of stem cells for skin rejuvenation and scar treatment.

Who is a good candidate for facial fat grafting?

Ideal Candidates in Toronto

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Patients with the following:

  1. Facial fat atrophy leading to a deflated appearance or oval/square shape to the face
  2. Hollowing in the under eyes (“tear troughs”)
  3. A hollowed out upper eyelid ("A-Frame"), either from traditional surgery or aging
  4. A desire to improve a weak jawline, with or without neck contouring 
  5. Acne scars 
  6. Traumatic scars 
  7. Deep or shallow rhytids (wrinkles) that cannot be reduced anymore with neurotoxin 
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What is the difference between Fat Grafting, Dermal Fillers, and Neuromodulators?

—Mike Roskies, MD, MSc, FRCSC

These three procedures are commonly used to combat the signs of aging, especially in the face. They are all widely-used treatments and are considered safe and effective, but there are differences. Some distinctions may be in the materials used, while others may be in the mode of function. The following is a breakdown of their basic differences:

Fat Grafting

This technique utilizes the patient’s own fat tissue to fill in wrinkles and sunken areas of the face. By doing so, we reduce the risk of rejection of the injected material. Fat grafting also has the added benefit of removing some excess fat from another area of the body.

Dermal Fillers

Instead of using autologous fat, this method fills in depressions and wrinkles using a biosynthetic material. While produced to be identical to compounds found naturally within the body, there is a slight risk of complications depending on the material used. However, there is less risk of reabsorption by the body when compared to fat grafting.


These treatments differ from both fat grafting and dermal fillers in that physically filling the skin is not the means of operation. Instead, these naturally-derived compounds are injected below the skin to immobilize wrinkle-causing muscles. These effects are temporary, but neuromodulators can be easily re-administered.

During your consultation for facial fat grafting Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mike Roskies will thoroughly evaluate your condition and help you determine the precise treatment you need. His first priority is providing you with a safe, effective solution that meets your goals and fits your lifestyle.

Fat Grafting and Stem Cells Procedure

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Dr. Roskies commonly uses a variety of fat processing to achieve the desired outcomes for his patients. The procedure starts with a small amount (1/3rd of a can of soda) of liposuction from the abdomen, thighs or flanks. He will then process the fat using Tulip Medical supplies, which is the gold standard of fat processing in the market, for different purposes:

MICROFAT: is pure fat that is transferred to multiple areas of the fat for facial shaping and volumizing. This may include the forehead, temples, lateral cheeks, midface, under eyes, folds, and jawline/chin. 

SNIF: sharp-needle intradermal fat grafting is used superficially in deep wrinkles (around the mouth and forehead).

SNIE: sharp-needle intradermal emulsion fat grafting is used superficially in shallow wrinkles (around the eyes).

NANOFAT: pure stem cell concentrate used to thicken the dermis and produce collagen for a more revitalized skin. Nanofat is applied in one of 3 ways: direct injection, microneedling and as a bio-ointment for use after surgery. 

Facial Fat Grafting Recovery

Bruising and swelling for 2-3 weeks. Fat grafting “takes” after 16 weeks total.

Approximately 50-70% of the microfat injected will survive the transfer. This means that in some instances, “touch up” fat grafting can be performed at 12 months. The stem cell ability of fat improves texture, color and thickness over months to years. Fat that survives the transfer remains for 10 years to life.

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Are you interested in exploring the rejuvenating possibilities facial fat grafting may hold for you? Talk to Dr. Roskies today. At his clinic in Toronto, he believes in educating his patients to help them make the best decisions for themselves. To find out how he can help you, click here to request an appointment. Dr. Roskies and his outstanding team are ready and waiting to help you not only look your absolute best but to live your absolute best as well!

Facial Fat Grafting Results

Your results will become apparent as your recovery progresses and is completed. After the healing process runs its course, you should see a noticeable improvement in the treated area.

Wrinkles and fine lines

Reduced or eliminated appearance and smoother skin

Sunken features

Skin should be smoother and contours should appear fuller and healthier

Baggy eyes

Bags under the eyes should look less puffy and discolored


Sagging skin or jowls should be filled in, providing a more sculpted look


Wrinkles and dimples should be filled, giving the desired shape and prominence


The shape of the lips should look more ideal, with a full, healthy appearance

Depending on your lifestyle and body, results can last for years. As with other rejuvenation procedures, supplemental treatments are sometimes required to achieve ideal results.

Fat Grafting Frequently Asked Questions

No pain during the procedure; mild soreness and swelling during recovery

Nodules and irregularities, bruising, swelling, poor fat uptake

The cost depends on several factors, which will be gone over with the patient during a consultation!

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